Andy Fite & Helin-Mari Arder (Jazzbaren)

Andy Fite & Helin-Mari Arder (Jazzbaren)

Datum: Torsdag 11 oktober
På scen: 20:00
Insläpp: 18:00
Biljettpris: 200:- + Service

Jazz Comic Philosopher Andy Fite teams up with Helin-Mari Arder, the great Estonian singing star, singing duets for a boy and a girl, combining humor, sadness, sweetness, virtuosity and maybe just a little more truth than you can really cope with. Drummer Arild Wahl and bass player Magnus Peterson put a solid foundation for this lovely interplay.

Critics have called Helin-Mari Arder the sunshine of the Estonian jazz scene, charming listeners with her musical sincerity and immediate interaction with audiences. She’s made 13 CDs under her own name, including two with Andy Fite, and featured on several others.

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Guitarist, singer and songwriter Andy Fite moved to Sweden in 1994 after ten years in New York City, where he developed a startlingly original improvising style on guitar. He has written over 600 songs and has 38 albums at iTunes and the streaming sites.

—“Every time I hear Andy Fite in a live setting I walk away thinking I just heard the greatest jazz guitarist alive on the planet.”

—Mark Weber, KUNM, Albuquerque, NM

—-”The surprise of the evening for me was Andy Fite… he sang and blew me away with his singing and improvising. I was really shocked... and am still in shock....a killer...”

— Sheila Jordan

Voice: Helin-Mari Arder

Guitar & voice: Andy Fite

Drums: Arild Wahl

Double bass: Magnus Peterson

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